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QD  sprocket


QD (quick detachable) is a sprocket in which the tapered bushing is bolted in the tapered hole machined in the sprocket. When installed, the bushing is compressed onto the shaft, providing a tight grip. Our QD sprockets meet or exceed ANSI standards intolerance, are made of high carbon steel, and precision machining and technology ensure a consistent finish and high quality.


QD襯套 is easy to install and remove. They are split through the barrel and have a taper to provide a true clamp on the shaft. They are keyed to the shaft and the hub to help during blind installations.


How to install the QD sprocket?

  1. Ensure that the tapered surface of the bushing and the inside of the driven product are clean and free of anti-seize lubricant
  2. put the bushing into the sprocket or other parts.
  3. Loosely place the cap screw in the pull-up hole. The bushing remains loose to ensure a sliding fit on the shaft
  4. Use the key on the shaft to slide the sprocket to the desired position on the shaft. Make sure that the head of the cap screw is accessible.
  5. Align the sprocket. Tighten the screws alternately and gradually until they are tightened (see the table below). Do not use an extension on the wrench handle. Do not allow the sprocket to contact the bushing flange. There should be clearance between the bushing flange and sprocket